Ankle Pain

We release what is stuck. We strengthen what is weak. We restore the
balance in your body. But we don’t stop there! As your ankle pain
physical therapist located in The Hague, we provide a tailor-made
treatment plan. Get rid of that ankle pain once and for all!


Pain-free life, is that possible?

Zorgkaart Nederland

This physical therapist is a champ! He listened well to my story and took the time that was needed. He diagnosed my ankle pain swiftly and explained clearly what was happening. With the exercises the pain went down rapidly and in the future I will be able to keep the symptoms away myself. A real solution, instead of just pretending and extending!


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Step by step we work towards a durable, painfree situation. We do this by combining the best hands-on techniques with a tailor made exercise program. We also look at adjustments you can make in your daily life to prevent the pain symptoms from occurring again.