Neck Pain

We release what is stuck. We strengthen what is weak. We restore the balance in your body. But we don’t stop there! As your neck pain physical therapist located in The Hague, we provide a tailor-made treatment plan. Get rid of that neck pain once and for all!

nekpijn fysio den haag


Pain-free life, is that possible?

Zorgkaart Nederland

The treatment of my neck-and shoulder pain was about relieving the symptoms through different hands-on techniques and improving mobility with exercises and health awareness. By asking the right questions, he stimulated me to analyse the situation and to make me more aware of the things I can do myself to improve my pain symptoms. Ofcourse, eventually the goal is to keep me from returning to the treatment room. Daan really steered towards me that goal!


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Step by step we work towards a durable, painfree situation. We do this by combining the best hands-on techniques with a tailor made exercise program. We also look at adjustments you can make in your daily life to prevent the pain symptoms from occurring again.