Video Consult

Sometimes it’s not possible to meet in the FysioGrow practice. Maybe due to corona measures, or because your health issues don’t allow you to travel outside of your home right now. But also, there are some health issues for which it’s not always necessary to meet up in the practice.

A video consultation, how does that work?

For those situations we developed the FysioGrow Videoconsult. During this 25 minute consultation we can make an analysis of your health issues, and assemble a fitting treatment plan. For example, we can create an exercise program with online videos. But we can also provide you with lifestyle advice, movement coaching or stress reduction tips and tools.

Clients are often dazzled by how much value is being created for their health this way. To plan an appointment for the Videoconsult, click here. Choose a date and time in the agenda and select “Videoconsult”. Follow the instructions and make the first steps towards a great result for your health.

Pain-free life, is that possible?

Zorgkaart Nederland

Daan has helped me very well with my back and neck issues. I would recommend this friendly and skilled professional to anyone


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Step by step we work towards a durable, painfree situation. We do this by combining the best hands-on techniques with a tailor made exercise program. We also look at adjustments you can make in your daily life to prevent the pain symptoms from occurring again.