2022 - FysioGrow Scheveningen

At this moment we have contracts with the following health care insurance company’s;

  • ONVZ
  • DSW
  • ASR
These health care insurance company’s base their agreements on mutual trust with us health care providers. Are you not insured with one of these company’s? Then it’s worth it to compare your insurance with ONVZ, DSW and ASR. The tarifs are often better or similar and us health care providers are treated better compared to other company’s.
What if you don’t have an insurance at the above mentioned insurance company’s?


No problem! Directly after the treatment you can pay per PIN or cash and you will receive an invoice. You can then send this to your healthcare insurance. A physical therapy consult will be restituted completely or partially, depending on your healthcare insurance company. Before the first consult, read up on the compensation your healthcare company provides in the category ‘uncontracted physical therapy’.

There are codes on your invoice that inform your healthcare insurance company what the amount of compensation needs to be.


50 minutes

FysioGrow Total Consult


25 minutes

FysioGrow Video Consult


25 minutes

FysioGrow Short Consult


Pain-free life, is that possible?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment at FysioGrow until 24 hours before the appointment starts without any costs. If you do this after the 24 hour period, we will charge you the price of a missed appointment. This price will be equal to the costs of the consult.

Our invoices have a payment period of 14 days. If you don’t pay in time, extra costs will be added.

Pain Symptoms

We release what is stuck. We strengthen what is weak. We restore the balance in your body.


We aim for 80-100% pain relief after
1-5 sessions. If not, we will find the proper solution together.