What’s the difference?

When we have achieved your goals, we make sure the results are long lasting. We are able to do this because at the end of the treatment plan we will have solved the root causes of your problem and will empower you to stay in charge of your body.

We aim for 80-100% pain relief after
1-5 sessions

First we assess exactly what your goals are. After 5 sessions we evaluate if your goals have been met. This is the case most of the time. If not, we will find the proper solution together.

Longer sessions (50 minutes instead of 25 minutes at most physical therapy practices), so shorter treatment trajectory.

We extract the best results out of every session because we have more time for you. All aspects of your treatment plan are discussed and executed. We find the cause of your problem and fix it. We don’t do ‘hurry hurry’, but have full attention for you!

The best hands-on techniques combined with a tailored exercise program

We use the top hands-on techniques available (click on the technique to learn more)

This way we open the door for you to move freely again. At the same time we assemble a tailor made exercise program. We also address the connection between body and mind, diet, breathwork, vitamins and minerals in your treatment plan.

Pain-free life, is that possible?

Zorgkaart Nederland

My therapist Daan, listened well to my story and together we assembled a treatment plan. During each session we evaluated my progress and how my back was doing, and he determined the according treatment methods. At the beginning of the treatment trajectory Daan promised I would be pain free and leave the practice with a good posture. He kept that promise!


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Step by step we work towards a durable, painfree situation. We do this by combining the best hands-on techniques with a tailor made exercise program. We also look at adjustments you can make in your daily life to prevent the pain symptoms from occurring again.