Nothing gives me more joy than to see a client walk out the door happily - Daan Lansdorp

Sometimes the goal is to become pain free, sometimes to move better, also on a sports-level. I founded FysioGrow to shape the process to these results as best as possible.

the complex puzzle of the human body

It takes some time to solve the complex puzzle of the human body. Most Physical Therapy treatments take 25 minutes. In my vision, it isn’t only the restriction of movement or pain symptoms that should be addressed. To create lasting results, we also need to look at lifestyle patterns, or make a thorough analysis of sport activities. After this, it’s important to make the sufficient amount of time to accomplish this!

At FysioGrow we facilitate this. Because we work together for 50 minutes, we create better results in each session. This way, the total amount of sessions will remain limited. After 5 sessions we evaluate. But if you have reached your goals before that, we’ll stop sooner, ofcourse! 


Together we will find the sources of your health issues. First I’ll work with ‘hands-on’ techniques to make you move better. After that we’ll move towards ‘hands-off’. Here we work on optimal moveability, strength and stability. Also, we will provide insight into what you can adjust in your daily habits in order to address the source of your health issues. This way you can stay healthy in a sustainable way!

Zorgkaart Nederland

I am very content with the treatment of my back, neck and shoulder issues. Everything was explained clearly, from the origin of the problem to what I could do by myself with exercises and what effect every exercise would have on my back and shoulders. Everything went in a professional and friendly manner.


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Pain Symptoms

We release what is stuck. We strengthen what is weak. We restore the balance in your body.


We aim for 80-100% pain relief after
1-5 sessions. If not, we will find the proper solution together.